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Here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we have built with both full log and half log. Over the past few years though the trend has been leaning towards half log. Many are saying it won’t be long and half log may be the only way to keep the the budget on track while meeting local energy codes. Time will tell on that. Like I said, the past few years have been trending, at least for us, towards half log construction. It offers more flexibility on the interior and is perfect for those that are hesitant to go full log because of the perceived settling issues.

As you are researching log homes and log styles you are going to see wide range of offerings, each requiring a decision. One will be height of log. Most start at 6″ and go up in two inch increments with 8″ being very popular in this region. The next will be the profile being smooth, machine peeled or hand peeled. Smooth is just that, it is a smooth profile with no peel marks. Some companies offer that same log with a rustic peeled look to it. Some machine peelers have a repetitive pattern to them so watch out for that. Thickness will range as well. Log siding products are usually two inches or less for depth. More of the half log siding products will be three inches or more in thickness and have a more rustic look. The following photos illustrate the differences you will have to look for.

Our Log: The log we carry is truly a half log and has an awesome rustic appearance that can’t be duplicated. The 8″ log we offer is actually 8″ tall and thickness is four to six inches thick. The thickness of the log increases the energy efficiency of your log home throughout the seasons. When it comes to the peeling it is offered in both machine and hand peeled. The difference between our machine peeled log and machine peeled logs from other companies is our machine peeler is still operated by hand and not automated.  That means no two logs are the same!  The reason we all fall in love with log homes is because each one is truly unique so why would you want your logs to have the same peel pattern?  Our log supplier is Stevens Point Log Homes and we are happy to be affiliated with them to offer a great looking and competitive priced log homes. They offer a wide range of rustic half log siding from 6″ to 12″ tall.  The photo below shows the rustic appearance of the log Wild River Log Homes offers. It is a photo of 8″ half log that is an actual 8″ stack height.


Things to look for: A majority of the Minnesota and Wisconsin log home companies offer peeled log profiles. Again, heights and thicknesses will vary. It is up to you to figure out which size and pattern you prefer as well as what your budget allows. Is their 8″ log only 7″ or 7 1/2″?  If you are pricing just half log and not a complete package you really have to pay attention to log heights for pricing and quantity of materials that need to be ordered. For illustration purposes, the photo below shows a machine peeled half log that doesn’t have the random peel.






Log Siding: Like I mentioned earlier, there is a thinner product out there that is more along the lines of log siding. We do offer this siding in both smooth and peeled and build with it every now and then. It offers a log look for a bit less cost.  It ranges in six to ten inches tall and the product we offer is a “ship lap” style. The photo below will give you a better idea of the profile and look of it.







Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog. I want to help you along in the researching process and point out items that will come up along the way.  For more information on Wisconsin or Minnesota log homes just head to our website, send us an email or give us a call.

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