Minnesota Log Cabins

Here in Minnesota log cabins are very popular this time of year. I know quite a few are on vacation this week due to the fourth of July this past Monday. Some are renting a cabin at a resort while others are enjoying time at their own log cabin at the lake. From the ones in the research and planning stages of a log cabin I hear a common complaint from time to time. So many seem to get frustrated when they are going through log home magazines and websites and only see larger log homes featured. I get asked many times if we build “just log cabins”. Yes, the term “cabin” can vary from person to person but usually they are referring to a plan ranging from 800 sq. ft. to maybe 1500 sq. ft. or so. Over the years we have built many log cabins in that size range throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Most are used on weekends and family vacations. Some are used throughout the year to be enjoyed in the winter months as well. With a remote home monitoring system it is very easy to dial the heat back when you leave on a Sunday and turn it back up remotely before you head back up so you have a warm cabin to walk into. Smaller log cabins are affordable to build and can be easily designed to fit your needs and your lot. It is tough to beat a nice cozy cabin in the woods or on the lake.

It is hard to believe the fourth of July is behind us already. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. I was able to spend some time on the St. Croix River and caught some fish. It was nice to get out and enjoy the weekend. If you were in the areas that got hit by the July first storm hopefully you didn’t get any damage at your location. The worst of the storm missed used by a little but but we still had some large trees down. It has been a busy week with insurance companies calling and being out surveying the damage on a few homes.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and feel free to check out my website, call or email for more information on Minnesota log cabins.

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