Log Homes in Minnesota

What a run of hot weather! I know I’m ready for some cooler weather. This heat has shown how efficient log homes in Minnesota really can be though. Regardless of half log or full log construction, log homes are more energy efficient due to the reaction of thermal mass and the thickness of the walls. Between cold winters and a hot summer we see it all here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Proper planning with overhangs or porches on south facing walls, using tree coverage and upgrading to spray foam insulation all can pay off in both winter and summer.

My last blog I touched on costs and how they can vary from location to location. Log homes in Minnesota that are the same plan and the same specs can have quite the swing of build costs due to location but as we all know the log package is part of the equation. Too many get hung up on just the log home package and almost forget that there are build costs involved. Others may spend time trying to find that “cheapest builder” out there and not spend the proper amount of time on log home package details or builder research. There are quite a few builders out there that aren’t experienced in building log homes. The problem we see is the ones that haven’t built one before tend to do one of too things. One, they bid too high because they may be unsure of how long the project will actually take so they want to make sure they are covered. Two, they end up bidding too low because they are used to working with log and don’t realize what is involved in working with full or half logs. ┬áIf they do underbid they may try to get more money out of you or start cutting corners. There are even stories out there of builders walking off of jobs and never coming back due to this. References are important and so is a timeline from start to finish. The main thing is to look at the log home package, building materials and build costs all as one, making sure all aspects are priced where they need to be. If you are financing, the lender will be looking at end costs rather than components as well. That low cost, out of the region log home company may look cheaper but by the time the builder supplies what is missing and shipping is taken into account they may be tens of thousands more than the next company, especially if they aren’t aware of our snow load and energy codes here in the upper midwest.

Research, model visits and proper planning all pay off when it is time to get your log or rustic home under way. We have built log homes in Minnesota from border to border and are here to help you from concept to completion.

3 thoughts on “Log Homes in Minnesota”

  1. WoW! Sounds like you really know what you are talking about. I need to find a builder in northern Wisconsin who is smart like you. Will your company build there? Or do you know anybody over there?

  2. Nicely written! I would say that a lot of peoples are not aware that log cabins is one of the best way to meet our requirements for resident and commercial buildings. Wooden houses are really effective and worth living. I remember my stay with grandparents in the log cabins and love them so much. Thanks for writing such a good post.

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