Planning a log home and selecting a log home company

A few weeks ago I talked about planning a log home and figured I’d expand on that a bit more. Even though it is fall, the spring building season isn’t that far away as far as planning goes. I talked about how to start researching and planning a log home in an earlier blog. Since then many of you have been on the internet looking at photos and plans on various log home websites while learning about log home companies at the same time. Some have emailed or called for more information and to set up a time to view a model or two. Many will plan a long weekend route to tour as many models as possible in a short period of time. Whether you are touring one model or many, remember to take notes and photos. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and models start to blend together and it is always nice to have that reference to go back to for the items you are considering in your own log or rustic home.

Some of the log home companies you visit will only offer half log, some may only offer full log construction while others will offer both. Which is better? Well, that is up to you to decide. We offer both methods with many profiles and corner options to choose from. This is where your research may get confusing. The full log people are going to tell you full log construction is the way to go and vice versa. The log homes in Minnesota and Wisconsin that we have built over the years has been an even mix but lately the trend has been leaning towards half log construction the last couple of years. Increased energy requirements to meet code have some impact on that. While you are sorting out half log and full log make sure to ask if the log home package is designed to meet local code. If you are here in the upper midwest and visiting a log home company in the region chances are they meet the codes for insulation and snow loads. While there is nothing wrong with shopping a log home company or two somewhere else in the country chances are they aren’t familiar with your building location and code requirements.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and check back for more log home planning and research tips.

Upcoming Log Home Open House

I just wanted to remind everyone one more time that we are having a log home open house in Stevens Point, WI this coming Saturday, October 15th. 2011 is flying by and the 2012 building season isn’t that far away. An open house is a great way to learn about a log home company, meet the staff and see the product while getting building and planning ideas. Regardless if you are planning on a building a log home in Minnesota, Wisconsin or any other state it will be well worth your time to stop in this coming Saturday. For more information you can go to the websites for Wild River Log Homes or Stevens Point Log Homes.

Minnesota log home open house
Minnesota and Wisconsin Log Home Open House

Rustic Half Log – Minnesota Log Home Remodel Project

With the dry weather the Minnesota log home remodel project underway is making good time. As of today the exterior log work is just about done. Caulking is soon to be done as well but staining will probably have to be held off until spring unless this warm weather with warm overnight temps stick around another week or two. Staining can’t be done when overnight temperatures are getting down to the mid 40’s. Come spring, the logs will be power washed and bleached and they will be ready for staining then. This project has been great to watch from what the cabin was to where it is now. This is going to be an impressive log home when it is completed. The 12″ rustic half log from Stevens Point Log Homes really achieves that one of a kind true log look that is so appealing. When I was there taking pictures it already had that Minnesota log home “up north” feel to it. Also this week another cabin got torn down and a new home will be built on the site over the winter. I’ve mentioned before that fall is a great time to get your new project underway. The weather is usually a bit more cooperative and in the case of a tear down the cabin owners got to use their cabin this past summer and the new home will be ready for enjoyment by next summer.

Here are a few recent photos from the log home remodel.

Minnesota cabin remodeling
Roof trusses being set
Rustic half log corners
12' log corners
Rustic half log being installed
Before and after half log
Minnesota log cabin
The view from the lake
half log corners
Rustic half log and real stone

For more information on Minnesota log homes you can go to the Wild River Log Homes website.

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