Confusion of log home packages

Winter isn’t too far off here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is the time of year when people start getting serious about finalizing their log home plans if they are considering building in the spring. Recently I met with a couple that are wanting to get starting before summer of ’12 but were confused by all of their research and hearing so many various log home packages. I’ve mentioned it before in past blogs but am going to write a bit more about packages in this blog being now is the time to get serious about planning.

Some log home companies say “log home package” while others use the term “log home kit”. Regardless of the term being used, a log home is built with building materials. Logs, framing materials, roofing, windows, etc.. all are building materials no matter what name is tagged to it. From there things get confusing. Some log home companies are shell only. That is up to you to decipher what is in their package and who is supplying the rest. Some shell only companies may not even include doors, windows and roofing. Some will include everything to make it weather tight. Figuring this out between you, the log home company and builder can take time and open the door to items being left out of the budget. Coming up short at the end is not fun! If the builder you are working with isn’t familiar with the log home company and their inclusions you really have to pay close attention to make sure you have everything covered so you end up with a completed log home without going over budget.

On the other end of the log home spectrum is some companies say they have everything needed for your home. Thats great but again, you need to make sure everything really is included. Does the builder need to supply anything or do they just show up and start building? Are you paying extra for shipping to get items sent the four, five, six or more hours to your job site for something that could be supplied locally for a better price?  Who pays the trip charge when the plumber shows up to install those log home company supplied fixtures and there are missing parts? Log homes are usually built in rural settings so a “quick run” to the hardware store can be a half hour or more in each direction and there is no guarantee the needed part can even be found there. Time and fuel aren’t cheap and that lost time is going to be passed on to someone.  It isn’t a pleasant experience being five bundles of shingles short of finishing and the brand and matching color of shingles are only available through the log home supplier which is hours away and has no truck coming your way.  Again, it is up to you to make sure all the bases are covered in what is supplied by the log home company and the builder.

We offer our own version of a complete log home package. We can take you from the planning stages to getting your log home completed and ready for you to move into. We do it a bit different. We have a network of contractors in the upper midwest so are supporting local businesses in your area. Our plumbers are local and we use their suppliers for plumbing fixtures. We have access to all brands, you can shop from home even and the plumbers know what they need ahead of time with the proper parts. If there is something missing or wrong then they know ahead of time and it is their responsibility. Using local suppliers really comes into play if any future repair work is needed. Do we include cabinets? Yes, we do. Again, we have local suppliers so no reason to drive four or five hours to do kitchen and bath layouts. We have everything you need to complete your log home from cultured or real stone to fireplaces to flooring with the ease of not having to travel. We believe in providing a high quality product while keeping as much business in the local communities with the savings and convenience passed on to you.

All in all, it is too easy to get caught up in the “kit” or “package” and not view the project as a whole which includes building costs, items supplied in the field along with well, septic, utilities and other costs related to the build.

If you have any questions please call at 651.674.0554 or go to our website for more information on log home packages in Minnesota and Wisconsin

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