Happy “Log Home” New Year

I was going to say where did December go but really it is more like where did 2011 go? Another busy year flew by and another one on the way in. With the holidays soon behind us it will be time to get serious for those of you thinking of a spring or summer ’12 start. It takes time to get plans drawn, priced and permits pulled. There are plenty of shows to attend and websites to read through to hep you along your way.

Myself, I enjoy winter but I have to admit that this unseasonable winter we are having is helping with our current construction projects. Every warm day is a bonus day in our book! It sounds like tonight may bring in a bit of snow for the New Year anyways.

2012 will see similar trends as past years for houses being built as energy efficient as possible and overall home size trending a bit smaller. Focus is being put into the plan and the “extras” rather than over all size. Planning for the log home lifestyle is evident now more than ever with attention to details and efficient use of available square footage.

We had a great time working with everyone in the past and looking forward to working with you in 2012 and beyond. Happy New Year from us here at Wild River Log Homes.

Upcoming log home show in Minneapolis

Log home shows can by a key factor in your log home planning process. For those of us here in the upper midwest there is a log home show in Minneapolis, MN in January. The Log and Timber Home show will be at the Earl Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Park January 13-15, 2012 and Wild River Log Homes will be in booth #31. A log home show is time well spent being you can talk to several log home companies and builders under one roof and see samples of their product. However, it can turn into an overwhelming experience due to information overload. Be sure you allow yourself enough time to attend so you don’t feel rushed to take it all in. So many people have shown up for the last hour or two of the day and soon realize they should’ve spent a large portion of the day at the show. It is good to be able to have the time to walk away from the exhibits a bit to sit down and take a break from it. You can also take the time to sit in on a seminar or two.

There are different stages of log home show attendees. The ones just starting their log home research are just learning the log home terms of log profiles, half log, full log, hand crafted, milled log and the list goes on. The next ones have spent time on the internet researching log homes and log home companies, maybe have even toured a model or two, have started to narrow down their list of companies and may own land. The next stage of log home attendee are the ones that own land and are ready to get started rather soon. A rough plan may already be sketched up and budget information is being gathered. They have probably already made the decision of which construction method they are going with as far as full log or half log goes. There are others that already have their log home or log cabin built and are there looking for furniture and other rustic furnishings. Some are there looking for remodeling ideas to turn their existing cabin into a log home as well.

At a log home show you will be able to meet with representatives and dealers of the regional log home companies. Be sure to ask if they offer builder support in the area where you are building. Some national companies will attend a show out of their region and won’t have builder support and end up leaving you to find your own builder. To narrow it down further than that ask if they have built in your area before. If they are fumbling through a map wondering where the town you are building near or the lake you are on is chances are they don’t know your area. ┬áBeing able to get quality service is very important. ┬áTake the time to look at log samples and learn what is offered for log sizes from the companies you are interested in. Looking at corner options such as butt and pass, saddle notch and coped will help you as well.

Some of you may have some sort of sketch already and will want to talk about it at the show. The clearer the copy the easier it will be for us to go over it with you. A small sketch that has been photocopied over and over is hard to work with. A show setting isn’t the place to ask for exact materials and build costs but a good sketch helps us talk about your project. You can leave your sketch with us so make several copies and have some quick, easy to read notes such as your contact information, building location and basic dimensions. If you know construction style feel free to add that as well. We can give you a call after the show is over and go over more of the in depth details of your plan at that time.

Again, log home shows are great researching tools but allow yourself enough time to get through the show at your own pace, take notes and make sure you ask all the questions you want to ask. Also, bring a camera to take photos of log profiles and samples to help you remember everything when you get home.

Wild River Log Homes will be in the Stevens Point Log Homes booth which is booth #31. For directions and more information on the show you can go to the website for the Minneapolis Log and Timber Home show.