Prefab Log Homes and Log Cabins

Lately we have had quite a few people ask about prefab log homes and log cabins and if we offer that service here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Yes, we do offer prefab log homes in the form of panelization and half log construction. Quite a few people confuse panelized homes with modular homes. Panelized homes have the walls, floor and roof systems pre-assembled in panels inside a large construction facility, loaded on to a truck shipped to your site with the walls erected on the foundation at your site. Modular is the home is built in a plant and shipped constructed and in halves to the site. These are the homes you see pre-built and on a trailer going down the highway. That is a lot different than panelizing. We don’t get involved with modular, just custom built panelized log homes.

Panelized construction offers just as much plan customization and flexibility as a home that is “built in the field”. This method of home building is a very efficient form of construction for both labor and materials with the savings passed on to you. Keeping your project on budget and stretching your construction dollar is important and this is one great tool that is available to achieve that.

Why panelized construction?

– Panels are constructed in a controlled environment so no rain or snow on your materials

– Saves construction time. A weather-tight shell can be finished in days rather than weeks

– Saved construction time means saved costs to you

– A great way to build green. Short lengths and cut offs are recycled.

– High quality product custom designed for you!

Many of you have already been in a panelized log home and didn’t realize is. Our main model at Stevens Point Log Homes is panelized. Below are a few photos of the construction process of the modeI.

panelized log home Wisconsin
A wall panel being placed at the log home model
Wisconsin panelized log home
The prow wall panel being craned in
Log home panelized
The great room prow wall is set
Wisconsin panelized log home
The finished product!

As you can see, you can get an awesome looking log home or log cabin with panelization. While more people are learning about the cost savings and flexibility of prefab log homes, more are getting built this way each year. You really do need to consider it in your log home research.  Feel free to give us a call or email with any questions regarding any of our building methods. Just head to our main page for Minnesota log homes information.