Windows for your log home

Hello! As usual, things are rolling right along. Our late summer starts are all buttoned up, the fall ones are soon to start or have just started and others are looking at next spring already. Fall and winter are great times to start researching log homes and windows are sometimes a secondary thought even though they are a very important component to your log home. Every log home company offers a “package” and are usually affiliated with a window manufacturer. Some will start out with a vinyl window as their “standard” offering. Thats fine for some but in my opinion, a basic vinyl window doesn’t belong in a custom wood home. If you are building a hunting/seasonal cabin that you won’t be using in the winter months then maybe a window like that is fine.

Windows range far and wide for price and quality.  We say stick with the name brands. They got their reputation for a reason and that is through good products and service. One of our popular window line that we use is the Marvin Integrity Wood-Ultrex window. It is a fiberglass exterior with a wood interior. The exterior cladding can be ordered to match your soffit, fascia and roofing and the interior can be stained to match the interior of your log home. Along with the windows they also supply your patio doors so the look is uniform throughout your home.  Marvin has a great reputation here in the upper midwest and the Integrity line of windows are great for Wisconsin or Minnesota log homes.

Another excellent brand of windows to consider for your log home is Pella. Our three most popular lines of Pella are the ProLine, Designer and Architect Series of windows.  Any of these lines of Pella windows will treat you right. All are wood interiors which fit your log home perfect and there are plenty of options that you will see when you are in their website. From between the glass blinds to triple pane efficiency you will see there is a Pella window to fit your needs and budget.

With rising energy costs an efficient window is very important and both of these brands are  efficient windows. Beyond looks, options and efficiency there is service to consider. We have had very few problems with these windows but their field service is outstanding. I know there are some lesser known window manufacturers here in Minnesota and Wisconsin but you really are better off sticking with name brand windows. They are a name brand for a reason. If you are shopping log home companies and haven’t heard of the window they offer I suggest getting familiar with their options and service. We have worked with other brands in the past and will install whichever brand you want however, we will offer our opinion based on past experiences.

For more information on windows, building or planning Minnesota or Wisconsin log homes feel free to call or email and don’t forget that the log home show season starts in Minneapolis this January!