Stone for your log home

One of the most popular accents to a log home is stone. It can go on the foundation, fireplace chase, on the back of cabinets and just about anywhere else you can think of. Some log home companies include cultured stone in their log home packages. However, as we all know, cultured means fake. Logs are the real deal so it only makes sense to use real stone to compliment the beauty of the wood in your home. Your logs are natural and so should the stone you use.

Most are under the assumption that real stone is quite a bit more expensive than cultured stone. That can be true in some instances but the last few years have seen increased popularity of real stone that is cut flat on the back so it has the ease of installation that goes with cultured stone. Materials and installation costs of cut real stone and cultured stone are very similar so real stone is not a budget breaker by any means. The installers prefer real stone because they can chip it down for that perfect fit and don’t have to worry about a color change inside the stone. ┬áCultured stone is concrete poured into molds and the color is only on the outside so can’t be chipped or cut down in the field.

The photo below shows a framed fireplace chase before and after the installation of real stone. You can see it is a very standard stone installation on a framed chase.

log home and stone
Before and after installation of real stone

The photo below is of an exterior roof chase using real cut stone

Fireplace stone
Exterior chase with real cut stone

Here is another view of the completed fireplace chase. Notice the different shapes, tints and colors that only real stone can give

Log home stone
Another view of stone on the fireplace chase

Here is a comparison photo of cultured stone and real stone side by side

Cultured stone
Difference between real and cultured stone

This last picture shows the stone before installation

Real stone before being installed
Real stone before being installed

As you can see by these photos real stone is just that….real….just like the logs in your log home. We strive to give everyone quality products to choose from while keeping your budget in mind. Stone is a very important accent to your log home and quality and appearance are very important factors for your log home or cabin. Feel free to contact us for more information.