Happy Thanksgiving

I may be a day late but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hopefully you had a great day with family and friends yesterday. As usual, this fall was a busy one around here.  A couple of projects wrapped up and we have two recent starts to carry through the winter.

This is the time of year that planning for next years building season starts to kick in. After Christmas and New Years it really gets going. Right now, quite a few are spending time online reading about log homes and emailing for more information. A few others are going a step further and making a few phone calls and visiting models. One main question is what are build costs going to be next year? I wish I had an answer but no one really knows what ’14 will bring. I can say that we will do everything we can to keep your build costs as low as possible. While some log home companies are trying to get your money now to save 10% or so next year we won’t be playing that game. Yes, we will need a payment to get plans started but that is a small fee of $0.75/square foot and nowhere near the 10% of your total package some companies are asking for. What we have found over time is our competitive pricing and using local suppliers results in lower build costs for you AND you get to keep your money until it is time to get your project underway. We won’t be asking for the kind of money the other log home companies are asking for until you know the cost of your project. The cost is delivered after plans are completed and firm bids are received from our suppliers and contractors for materials and labor. I’ve said in previous blogs that too many people get caught up in researching “log home packages” and forget that there are build costs associated.

The main thing is to research thoroughly over the next few months and feel comfortable with the log home company and builder that you select.

Have a great holiday season and feel free to call or email with any questions.