Cheap Log Cabin Packages

We’ve all seen the ads on social media and in some magazines promoting log home and log cabin packages at unbelievable low prices. Some may even say “packages starting at $30,000”. With those too good to be true prices there has to be something missing. Check out what is and isn’t included. In those mass advertisements with those ultra-cheap prices its generally just logs only. By the time you get windows, framing materials, roof system and roofing, doors and the rest of the package that price climbs very quickly. Are the specs on that cheap package compliant with the energy codes and snow loads for the area you are going to be building in? No? Add some more costs. If you buy local you will be supporting local businesses and getting a code compliant materials package. Another advantage of buying local is some counties and townships have minimum square footage requirements. Local suppliers and contractors will be aware of that.

Some of you that have called have said “My county doesn’t have building inspections so we aren’t worried about code”. Well, even though counties don’t have code enforcement that log home still needs to be built to local requirements.

No matter the materials supplier, to build a quality log home or cabin that meets Minnesota or Wisconsin code you will be looking at around $200/sq. ft. or more depending on location and when you decide to build. Costs are continually increasing. You can check out this page for more information on log home build costs.

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