Researching Your Log Home

Things have been crazy around here lately. Foundations are going in around rain storms, plans are being finalized on other Minnesota log homes and deliveries are underway so I haven’t had a lot of time to update this blog lately. This blog is going to be on researching for your log home. Here in Minnesota and Wisconsin there are quite a few log home companies to check out not to mention how many log home companies there are nationally to check out. I’m going to stay away construction options and from the confusion of log home packages in this blog being I have written about that subject plenty in the past.

Where do you start researching for your log home? Well, the first steps are usually reading about log homes online or in log home magazines. Both are great sources to get basic information on log homes and planning all the way to staining and decorating your log home.  At this point it isn’t a bad idea to start a list of questions as well as ideas you would like in your log home.  As you research further into log homes you will start to narrow your searches to the region you will be building in. It is important that the log home companies or dealers that you check out are familiar with where you are building.

Log home shows are another source of information and are a great way to meet log home companies in one location. They are seasonal and here in Minnesota the log home shows are usually held in January and February.

What is next after reading about log homes and spending time looking at log home websites? The next step is to email or call the ones that have stood out on your list. Ask if they know your area, if they offer builder support, custom design service as well as the questions that you listed earlier.

Now that you have spent time online, interviewed a few companies or log home dealers on the phone it is now time to set up some appointments and get in the car and visit some log home models. A model visit is the best way to “test drive” a log home and check out the company first hand. You can see the log profiles, peel styles and just as important, meet the people. Keep in mind it is a long term relationship that forms from planning to completion. Make sure you are comfortable with who you are working with. As a representative of Stevens Point Log Homes I use my own log home as my model. I show my model by appointment and am available just about anytime with enough notice. You will find quite a few log home dealers work out of their own log homes.

Now that you have talked to reps and visited models your list is now getting refined. The next step is to ask to see some homes that have been built previously. This is another way for getting the feel of their product and the quality of their builders.

From there it is time to get estimated build costs from two or three log home companies then on to getting plans drawn and then on to pricing and build costs. Some will go through the stages in a short period of time while others will go in stages over a period of two years or more. Planning and building a log home is an exciting and fun process and is best done at a pace that is comfortable to you.

In the 12 years I’ve been in the log home business it is always interesting to hear how people got the idea to look into building a log home or log cabin. Some spent time as a child in a log cabin on a lake somewhere and have wanted a log home ever since. Others have been to a friends log home and liked the warm atmosphere of the wood. While others may have just recently spent a weekend away at a resort that had log cabins and realized it was time for one of their own.

For more information on Minnesota log homes just give me a call or email and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Minnesota Log Cabin Kits and Log Home Kits

We get quite a few calls and emails asking if we sell log cabin kits here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The term “log cabin kit” has been used for years but really what is a log cabin or log home kit? Years back there used to be smaller, build it yourself kits but things have changed over the years. It is phrase that gets used about as often as “log home package”.

Heres the deal – log cabin kits or log packages really come down to building materials figured for a particular plan. A kit or package are components such as logs, lumber, windows and roofing. Some companies offer interior products in their packages as well. Every log home company offers a package. It is up to you to decipher what is and what isn’t included from each one in your research. For too long the log home industry has used the terms kits and packages.  Many people end up spending way too much time on the materials side of it and seem to forget the other part of the equation is build costs. We will work with you on both the materials and log home construction costs so you know what the end result of the project will be.  I’ve seen quite a few over the years spend too much time on finding that less expensive log cabin kit only to find that once the builder supplies everything else that isn’t included and needed to complete the project they are over budget.

We do work with some log cabin enthusiasts that do plan on building their log cabin or log home on their own. The log cabin kit theory applies to these types of people being they will be hands on for the project. However, with stricter building and energy codes throughout the upper midwest it is making it a bit more difficult for the owner/builder.  One thing you need to be aware of is out of the region log home companies may not have designed the kit to meet local codes such as snow load and energy requirements. Items like these do have an impact on the log home materials pricing. Being we are a local company and have a network of log home builders throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin we are able to provide a log home plan and package that meets all the codes for where you are building.

Getting back to that log cabin kit just keep in mind that kits or packages really are just building materials and construction costs need to be figured in.  We are here to help you from the concept to completion of your log home or cabin. For more information on Minnesota log cabin kits just head over to our website.